Corporate architecture and integral signage of the new Abertis headquarters in Madrid

39, Paseo de la Castellana

GTE has been the company designated by Abertis to carry out the corporate identification and signage of the building destined to be the Headquarters of the company in Madrid. The building, located on 39 Paseo de la Castellana.

It consists of eight floors, in three of which Hispasat offices are located. The existence of surrounded gardened area has allowed the implementation of a powerful corporeal of the Abertis brand at street level, which constitutes a unique and effective external identification.

The signage information inside the building is projected through a system of screens located at the entrance hall of each floor and identification plates of offices and other units.

The element of brands and the design of the vinyl of screens and windows complement the identification of the interior environment. In addition to the project design, GTE has carried out the project management, quality control and implementation direction.