ILBOC is a unique company: a joint venture between Repsol and SK Lubricants (the Korean conglomerate) to produce next-generation lubricant bases.

This combination of cultures makes it a very special entity, which is reflected in its branding and the subsequent development of its visual identity. We designed a very dynamic and fluid brand with a strong, powerful colour story, generating a modern and versatile look and feel.

We created the ILBOC name and brand.
Developing its look and feel led to designing its vehicles, uniforms, and special elements such as calendars, and high value documents including its mission/vision and its code of ethics.

We also designed its signage, corporate architecture and interior design of its premises, both in the administrative building and in the control room.

All of this work is represented in its identity handbooks.

Design of the ILBOC Welcome Pack.

Design and programming of the corporate website of the company