Creation process of the new image of the 7/24 Mix stores in Orizaba, Mexico.


GTE’s Store Design Concept has been implemented throughout its commercial network of more than 200 stores.

The new corporate image of the 7/24 Mix convenience store chain has been made through the Store Design Concept, a methodology applied by GTE that establishes the lines of action through a series of concepts, parameters and characteristics. of corporate architecture, image and standards that have settled the foundations for the new commercial image of 7/24 Mix.

This model has been successfully applied throughout its sales network of more than 200 stores in the Orizaba area, as well as the creation of a premium Store Design Concept for its new flagships.

A base concept or Design Concept was developed that could be applicable and feasible in existing stores. GTE managed a series of parameters and concepts that were applied in a prototype store model, with which the design methodology of the new corporate image and architecture of 7/24 Mix was established.

This Store Design Concept establishes a set of formal and technical solutions to give a real response to the possible inconveniences that arise in the adaptations, without losing the creative concept created for 7/24 Mix.

The inspiration for the development of the Store Design Concept is preceded by an audit of the stores, as well as an analysis of the commercial and functional needs of the space.

Afterwards, the concepts, on which this Store Design Concept should promote and standardize, were established to position 7/24 Mix as one of the convenience stores in the Orizaba area, more attractive to the public:

Great commercial visibility and visual impact through the facade design

The colour and its application in different materials brings vitality and attractiveness to the store

Lighting and transparent elements providing security and warmth

An image and unique character that differentiates it and stands out from the competition

A 360º degree concept development from the situation audit, design, corporate architecture and standardization, to the final implementation consulting.